Why you need a Face Sponge 1

If you have Oily Skin or Skin prone to Acne, this is for you.

Take a mirror, hold it up close to your face, focus on the area around your nose and underneath your eyes.

Does the skin around there look like this:


Are your pores like the pitholes on this Orange? Then chances are you have Oily/Acne Prone skin.

One of the most important steps in caring for this type of skin is properly cleansing. It is important to thoroughly cleanse your face at the end of the day. Most times, we use one cleanser and believe that it’s enough.

Here’s what happens to your skin after washing your face with a normal cleanser and your hands:

Orange2As you can see, just using your hands does not thoroughly remove residue from the cleanser. This leaves your pores clogged, causing future breakouts.

If you have Oily/Acne Prone Skin you need a gentle face sponge. An example is the inexpensive cellulose sponge. Used during facial treatments, these sponges are derived from natural plant pulp and provide deep cleansing and gently exfoliation.

This is what happens to your skin after using a Cellulose Sponge:


Your Pores are ALL CLEAR!!

Direction: Rinse face with water, apply cleanser on to sponge and apply to face and cleanse in a Circular direction. Rinse afterwards. Be sure to not aggressively scrub your face with the sponge, doing so will irritate your skin.

Hair Loss? What to Do

Do you get a bit of Hair envy when you see a colleague or friend with luscious full mane?

Well, you’re not Alone

We all can’t be blessed with great hair.


For those of us that have a problem in this department, the good news is that there are measures we can take to fix this problem.

According to Roopal V. Kundu, MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, “The types of alopecia we’re seeing are different than what we were seeing 20 years ago because of the different types of processing that people are doing now, Whereas in the ’70s and the early ’80s the hairstyles were more natural, these days there’s a lot more crunched out styles in terms of perms and putting heat in the hair and keeping it straight, and a lot of tension.

So what can you do now after years of abusing your HAIR?

Dr. Kundu has 8 tips.
1. Eat enough protein.


“The basic early advice is make sure you’re looking at your diet, make sure you’re getting enough iron, make sure you’re not anemic, make sure you have enough protein in your diet. Iron and protein are really important for hair health. We always try to make sure people get adequate protein for whatever they’re lifestyle is: If they’re sedentary, they don’t need as much. If they’re active, they need more.”
– Dr. Kundu

2. Get your vitamin levels checked and take supplements if need be.


“Iron levels are important for hair health. Women often develop iron-deficiency anemia because they aren’t getting enough iron. Iron-deficiency anemia can also develop due to normal monthly menstrual blood loss. There are some generic vitamins that we recommend: Vitamin D, omega, fish oils, a generic multivitamin with iron. Biotin is great in terms of hair strength and preventing breakage.”
– Dr. Kundu

3. Invest in silicone.


“There’s no magic product or ingredient, but if you want to add a little more protection you can use silicone -based products. Silicone basically coats the hair, which adds a little more protection once you do any kind of stress to the hair. Check a product’s list of ingredients and make sure silicone is high up on the list. Look for silicone or dimethicone, a silicone derivatives. Anti-frizz products usually have a silicone type of derivative. You can also try a leave-in conditioner, which also coats the hair.”
– Dr. Kundu

4. Be careful when styling at home.


“The problem with people treating hair at home is no one else is looking. Often people will come in who have damage to their scalp that they didn’t notice was there. Specific practices that can be problematic include straightening, processing, hair coloring, and heat. If you do those things at home, try to modify your hair care habits. So, try not to put heat on more than once a week, reduce the frequency of flat iron use, blow dry at a lower setting. It’s about frequency and amount.”
– Dr. Kundu

5. Never flat iron wet hair.


“Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage. Either air dry or blow dry out soft, with a low setting, and then put the flat iron on. You shouldn’t put a flat iron on wet hair.”
– Dr. Kundu

6. Do not leave products in for longer than advised.


“Some people think products will be more effective if they leave them in longer than they should. They’ll be like, ‘Oh it’s tingling. That’s great. It must be working really well.’ That’s when damage can happen.”
– Dr. Kundu

7. If you feel pain while you’re at the salon, it’s time to find a new stylist.


“Hair styling shouldn’t hurt. Any kind of scalp discomfort is abnormal. That’s a very basic thing. A lot of people will come in and say, “It burned after a couple minutes of leaving it on, and then they came and washed it off.” Any form of sensation can be a sign that the scalp is being damaged. If you suffer any kind of discomfort while you’re at the salon, stop seeing that stylist. If you experience any burning, stinging, tingling, any kind of pain on their scalp after the styling is done, or during the process of it, you shouldn’t go back.”
– Dr. Kundu

8. Opt for looser hairstyles.


“Hair styling can cause problems in terms of alopecia. When braids or weaves are too tight, they hurt. Pain means it’s too tight, it’s pulling too hard. There’s too much tension. Try to keep ponytails and braids loose, not as tight, to reduce the amount of tension on the scalp.”


****ARTICLE Courtesy of HuffingtonPost********

National Lipstick Day: Must have Lipsticks

Hi Readers!!

Yesterday was National Lipstick Day. In celebration of that we’ve decided to compile a list of our TOP 5 Lipsticks thanks to the feedback of other Beauty bloggers. So here are the TOP 5 Lipsticks that every Beauty Loving Nigerian Woman should have.

Number 5: The right Nude

When it comes finding the right shade of Nude for your Lipcolor, our Beauty Bloggers had different suggestions.

Blogger, Funmi Ogunja, absolutely loves Mac’s Velvet Teddy


This is a darker Nude, great if you want a Nude that’s more natural.

Blogger, Beauty in Lagos, is a fan of pink tinted Nude lip color. Her favourites are MAC Crème Cup and MAC Angel

Photocredit: Miranda’s Makeup & More

For a Nude that works for all, try MAC’s Fresh Brew

macVelvetTeddy MacFreshBrew


Number 3: Sultry Red

We have been seeing alot of Bold lips on the Red Carpet and in Weddings. Feel like giving this look a Try?  Why not try the longlasting Lipcolors by Nigeria’s very own BMPRO

PhotoCredit: BMPRO
PhotoCredit: BMPRO
PhotoCredit: BMPRO
PhotoCredit: BMPRO

A lip color we’re loving is BMPRO‘s longlasting lipwear “Chai“. Which can be seen on the Model Above.

Finally, A look that every Lipstick loving Lady in Nigeria should have for those nights she wants to step out of her comfort zone and go big is Sleek Cosmetic’s Lipstain Duke!

PhotoCredit: BeautyinLagos
PhotoCredit: ThatIgboChick
PhotoCredit: ThatIgboChick

Natural Queens

Hey readers,

I came across these beautiful pictures of Former MBGN Queens Munachi Abii and Adaeze Igwe Yobo.

Both Queens are rocking their natural hair and they look GOOD!

Munachi Abii
Adaeze Igwe Yobo

Thinking of rocking your own natural mini-fro? Here are some tips:

1) Pre Styling your natural hair involves Co-Washing or Using Conditioner to wash your hair. This makes it soft and manageable.

2) While wet apply a Curl definer, this maintains your natural curl pattern, while conditioning and keeping hair soft. An example of such product is the Kinky Curly Custard.


3) Every once in a while awaken your curls with a Glycerin + Water spritz!

If you are a naturalista and would like to share your picture and hair care tips, please send an email to myHairmyBeauty@yahoo.com


All about Your SKIN

Here are 12 amazing SKIN Facts, courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com


The skin you’re in is amazing. It’s the ultimate multitasker, simultaneously protecting your organs, shedding cells and keeping you cool or warm. But how much do you really know about your skin, aside from the fact that you should protect it from the sun’s UV rays? We rounded up some fascinating facts about your body’s largest organ:

1. You have ALOT of Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, with a surface area of approximately 22 square feet. (The second-largest organ in the body is the liver.)

2. Not all the skin on your body is of the same thickness.
The eyelids, for instance, have the thinnest skin — at 0.05 millimeters — while the palms and soles of the feet have the thickest skin, at 1.5 millimeters.

3. Your skin is heavy.
About 16 percent of your overall body weight is from your skin alone.

4. Your skin isn’t made up of just one layer.

There are three layers of the skin: The epidermis, the dermis and the subcutis. The subcutis is the innermost layer and is made up of fat and collagen cells. The dermis is the middle layer and is responsible for 90 percent of skin’s thickness. The epidermis is the outermost layer and serves as a protective barrier between the body and the environment.

5. You shed a shocking amount of skin cells every minute.
You lose 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells a minute!

6. Your skin helps your body maintain temperature control.

When you are over-heated blood vessels widen so that heat can be released easily through the skin. When your body is cold, the blood vessels in the skin constrict.

7. Your skin was a different color when you were born.
Healthy newborn baby skin is actually a deep red or purplish color and hands and feet are a blueish hue.

8. Acne is the most common skin condition

More than 85 percent of people will experience it at least once in their lives.

9. And acne even affects babies (well, kind of).
The acne is not a result of raging baby hormones. Instead, this acne is caused by the mother’s hormones that are still in the baby’s blood.

10. Scars are caused by damage to the second layer of skin, the dermis.
Scar collagen is different from collagen in normal skin. As such, even when skin cells die and are replaced, scar collagen is not shed. Scar tissue does not grow hair.

11. The way you sleep can affect your skin.

Sleeping with your face buried in your pillow can lead to wrinkles.

12. Babies’ skin is covered with a waxy substance called vernix.
Vernix is a film that protects the fetus’s skin in the womb. It usually washes off with the baby’s first bath.

For Full Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/26/skin-facts_n_5460610.html

Oily Skin: Moisturizer

Hello Beautiful Ladies (and Gents)

It’s been a while since we talked Skincare.

However I do share tips and Product review on my Instagram page, be sure to check it out! (@myHairmyBeautyNigeria)

So, back to Skincare.

Isn’t She flawless? PhotoCredit: 4EverBrandy IG

One of the biggest request/recommendations I get is about what PRODUCTS to use for Oily Skin.

Oh boy! is this a tricky one. Why? because most of the products I love and Swear by are not in Nigeria. But who knows, maybe someone out there is stocking them, (please contact me so I can feature you if you do!)

So let’s talk about Oily Skin.

Oily Skin is both Good and Bad. It is good because the Oils you produce keep you looking younger, it is bad because Oily Skin tends to break out alot!

Some people with Oily Skin, have resolved NOT to use Moisturizer, but THIS IS WRONG!! Instead of leaving your face moisturizer free, which tend to cause more breakouts, here are a list of my TESTED and TRUSTED moisturizers for Oily Skin.

Proactiv Perfecting Complexion Hydrator
Proactiv  Complexion Perfecting Hydrator

My no.1 go to for Oily Skin would have to be Proactiv’s Complexion Perfecting Hydrator. While the name might be a tongue twister, this product is no Joke. It contains brightening properties like Licorice extract, Kojic Acid, and  Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, it also contains Oil-loving acid; Salicylic Acid.

The gel-like cream comes on like a hydrator and then magically has a MATTE finish. This is perfect because it gives you that powder like finish that acts like a primer for makeup. While I love this moisturizer, I highly recommend it for morning use, because it tends to be very dry when used nightime.

To boost its brightening effect, I add my CUE Skincare 15% Vitamin C serum to this moisturizer as I apply it in the morning.

Ladies if you are super oily and PRONE to Acne, grab this, you will not regret it.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL

Before I discovered this gem in Proactiv, I was a big fan of Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel. Ladies (and Gents) I’m talking about the GEL moisturizer not LOTION. If you have Oily Skin, you should not be using a cream/lotion based moisturizer, you are just clogging up your pores. Gel based moisturizers are more water based, and hydrate your skin.

This is a great inexpensive everyday moisturizer, morning and night. If you’re in Nigeria be sure to find a clinique vendor, or checkout the clinique store in Ikeja Mall.


Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion
Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion

Last but NOT least, my favorite moisturizer for Oily Skin is Dermalogica’s Oil control Lotion. While this lotion is more on the pricey, it is definately WORTH it. This lotion is VERY lightweight, and has a matte finish, it almost feels like you’re applying Aloe vera gel to your face + powder. It is nice, not really scented (which is great for those with sensitive skin) and it is contains ingredients that calm, soothe and hydrant your skin.

***Honourable Mention*** Like I said, one problem I have with recommending these products is that it is difficult to get in Nigeria, but 1 product that is accessible and I recommend is: Clean and Clear Acne Control Moisturizer.

Clean and Clear Acne control Moisturizer
Clean and Clear Acne control Moisturizer

Now you don’t have to have ACNE to enjoy the benefits of this moisturizer. It is lightweight, contains salicylic acid to absorb excess oil and prevent acne. It also has a light matte finish to it. When you are IN NEED of a moisturizer for your oily skin and can’t find the above mentioned moisturizer, this inexpensive moisturizer will do!

Nigerian Actress, Osas Ighodaro, has one of the best celebrity skins
Nigerian Actress, Osas Ighodaro, has one of the best celebrity skins


Is there a PRODUCT you swear by for your Oily Skin that’s NOT included here? Please Share! myHairmyBeauty@Yahoo.com

What’s Trending?

Is it me or is everyone going Goth when it comes to their lip colors, and by Goth we mean Sultry and Bold dark lips.

This is a trend we absolutely LOVE!


Nigerian Beauty Blogger, ThatIgboChick, in Sleek cosmetic’s Duke
Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist, Start2FinishMUA
Television personality, Eku Edewor in LimeCrime
Television personality, Eku Edewor in LimeCrime

Thinking of rocking this trend but not sure where to start? Well you’re in Luck today! You can shop some of these fab Lip colors by going to http://www.myMakeupng.com

Shop these:

MAC Lorde (deep violet color)
Wet n Wild VAMP it up
Wet n Wild VAMP it up


and if you’re a reader of myHairmyBeautyNigeria.com guess what? you’re in LUCK! You get  a permanent 15% discount on all  Makeup Products and Services by myMakeupNG,  all you need to do is send us an email (myHairmyBeauty@yahoo.com) for the SECRET CODE!!


Change it UP!

In a Hair Rot? why not try some of these Bold Hair do’s to switch things up and add spice to your look.

Style 1: Go BIG or Go Home

Solange Knowles
Nigerian Stylist, Ezinne Chinkata

When in doubt of what to do with your hair next? Go BIG! Yes, every girl should have tried a BIG ‘fro at some point in their life. Have you?

Style 2: Plaited Beauty

Are you currently rocking long extensions right now? why not show your creative, playful side by rocking fishtail braids.


Style 3: Crop it!

When you’re tired of the long weaves, why not just cut it all off at your chin! Yes Bobs are back with more edge and sass! Cut and style your edges to achieve this modern day version of the Bob.


Style 4: The statement Updo

Say goodbye to the normal updo’s, if you really want to do something Dramatic with your look, why not make that updo really BIG and FIERCE? I dare you to not get compliments with this look.